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Virtual Bavarian History

The Bavariathek is comprised of three sections that are readying the new museum for the 21st century: A media archive with digitized historical collections, an attractive online content that makes the museum accessible anytime and anywhere, and a museum and media education program that promotes interactive and digital learning.

Flexible project rooms and studios with equipment from green screens to editing stations to audio booths are on hand for interested groups in the Bavariathek, the building adjacent to the museum on the Donaumarkt. A virtual workbench instead of a classroom: It encompasses the study of history and historical sources as well as critical analysis of current social trends. The program is particularly interesting for school groups, which learn media literacy and critical use of digital tools there. They examine their own cultural world and deepen their knowledge of history. School students can create apps, virtual exhibitions and videos at the virtual workbench in guided projects and thus collaborate on the future archive. Audio recordings, videos or other media products will be displayed and used in part in online content and in the permanent exhibition, thus arousing others’ interest.

Contact for information and project ideas: bavariathek(at)