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Mission Statement

The Haus der Bayerschen Geschichte...

arouses interest in the fascinating history of Bavaria and its regions. Cultural diversity is one of the Free State of Bavaria’s most precious goods. Influences from all over Europe shape Bavaria – now as earlier. This intermingling of past and present fascinates people. This is where our work begins. The Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte finds creative ways to encourage people to research their local history.

addresses all Bavarians and their guests. Twenty-first century society is frequently dominated by composite identities and a large percentage of senior citizens. The Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte contributes to mutual generational and cultural understanding by engagingly examining historical contexts. We attach great importance to reaching children and young people in order to arouse their interest in Bavarian tradition and history.

imparts scholarly findings engagingly and understandably for everyone. Our most important missions are preparing and putting on cultural-historical exhibitions, particularly the Bavarian State Exhibitions, designing the Museum of Bavarian History in Regensburg, and publishing our “Edition Bayern” series. We examine every epoch and subject of Bavarian history. We work with media and contemporary design, appeal to all the senses when we impart knowledge, and encourage interaction.

is on the go all over Bavaria with its Bavarian State Exhibitions. Our strength is our presence in the entire state. We put on a Bavarian State Exhibition on a new subject every year. These cultural-historical exhibitions are scheduled on a rotating basis in every region of Bavaria. They are accompanied by eyewitness projects, regional exhibitions, publications and digital media content.

has a permanent facility in Regensburg as of 2019 with its Museum of Bavarian History. The Museum of Bavarian History has been open in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Regensburg since June, 2019. We intend to show there how the Free State evolved, what it is today and what makes it so distinctive. We start with the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1806, emphasize the 19th and 20th century, and examine the recent past and the present. We look for roots among Bavarian, Franconian and Swabian traditions and document contemporary (historical) events and cultural phenomena.

is the historical memory of the recent past. We collect contemporary historical objects that depict political events and life in Bavaria, social change and Bavarian identity. We use public drives to ask Bavarians to recommend mementos of certain subjects and possibly donate them to our collection. This is enabling us to expand our existing collections in our image archive and on our eyewitness portal. As the agent of the Free State’s historical memory, we are helping preserve Bavaria’s cultural heritage and setting priorities for scholarship.

works in a team and with many partners. Imparting Bavarian culture and history is teamwork. This is true for our institution, too: We organize our workflows reliably, transparently and efficiently. Open communication beyond individual teams is important to us. This is true on the outside, too: The Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte links the work of individuals and institutional partners inside and outside Bavaria. Completion of our projects requires close collaboration with the people in the region. This integrates historical consciousness with the interests of historic preservation and tourism, for instance.

is a professional provider of modern and attractive history shows in Bavaria. Part of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts, the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte is a public service provider in every region of Bavaria. We fulfill our cultural mission outstandingly, always with an eye on fiscal responsibility. We want to show what we have in Bavaria.