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Preserved for Posterity

A museum’s collection is its centerpiece: Assembling and maintaining a collection sustainably is one of museums’ most important missions. The Museum of Bavarian History has assembled its collection in keeping with its concept prioritizing the period from the emergence of the Kingdom of Bavaria down to the present, thus amassing an archive of the future at the same time. The focus is on the history of democracy in Bavaria, mementos with personal histories and specific objects representing the Free State’s recent pas.


Public Involvement

The public has been involved in assembling the collection since 2012: The Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte sought objects on different themes with appeals for collections and received over 1,500 objects. They will not only be presented in exhibitions in part but also on the Internet in the future.


Storage Facility

The storage facility is the collection’s main location: Objects are inventoried and stored there under conservation conditions. Only so can the objects be preserved for posterity. The storage facility in Regensburg will move into the Österreicher Stadel in the immediate vicinity of the museum.



Every object has a history. Documenting and recounting those histories is important to us. This turns objects into mementos that enable us to appreciate the past and understand historical events.


Eyewitnesses to Events

The Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte has been conducting eyewitness interviews on different topics for over thirty years, which elucidate the upheavals of the 20th century. Many video clips can be viewed online on eyewitness to events portal.