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A Museum of the Future for the History of the Present

Bavaria is legendary, the Free State a model of success, its cultural landscape highly esteemed. Bavaria has museums on the widest variety of subjects but none on our recent history, particularly our history of democracy. We are building a knowledge repository for this with our new museum. The people in Bavaria, every tribe as well as the migrants from far away, who have found their home here, are the focus.

The lion, the heavily symbolic heraldic animal of all of Bavaria, has been beckoning visitors to the new cultural institution in the heart of the city of Regensburg since June of 2019.

We invite you to learn more about the new museum on this website and to visit us in Regensburg. This is the first permanent facility of the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte, which has been known for decades for its successful Bavarian State Exhibitions on specific topics of Bavarian history, which are put on in a different region of Bavaria every year.

By the way, our B also has a history of its own. We discovered it in Bavarian constitutional documents such as the Constitution of 1919. Its origins lie much earlier, though. Fraktur, as this script is called, was developed by Albrecht Dürer in Nuremberg. Although Hitler banned Fraktur script as “Jewish Schwabacher typeface”, it is erroneously believed to have been the Nazi’s script today. The B is thus major Bavarian history. It stands for the Fraktur script of Bavaria’s constitutional documents and thus for the foundation of our history of democracy.

We heartily invite you to visit the new museum in Regensburg!