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Our New Visual Identity

The Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte stands for modern historical education and has been known for decades for its successful Bavarian State Exhibitions, which examine a specific topic of Bavarian history and are put on in a different region of Bavaria every year. The new museum in Regensburg is now adding a permanent facility to the exhibitions in every corner of the state. This is motivated the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte to update its own corporate identity.

Brand Structure

The new visual identity is intended to make the initiator, representing all of the institution’s roles, clearly recognizable as the “Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte”: These are the Bavarian State Exhibitions, the museum in Regensburg, the Bavariathek in Regensburg and the wide range of publications published by the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte including catalogs and magazines in the “Edition Bayern”. An overall brand structure is consequently being introduced with the new visual identity.

Our Calligraphy

Design elements intended to boost Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte’s recognition factor have been added. The most important element is the calligraphy used to link exhibition and museum logos creatively. It is a Fraktur letter in the style of Bavaria’s constitutional documents, which stands for the foundation of the state’s history of democracy. The Fraktur letter is accompanied by a lozenge, which also reappears in the logo of the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte. Pairing it with the museum’s new font Museo Sans results in a corporate identity that strikingly combines tradition and modernity – with attention to detail.