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Bavarian State Exhibitions

Bavarian History on the Go

The Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte has established a successful series of exhibitions with its Bavarian State Exhibitions. The Haus presents fascinating topics of Bavarian history at historic sites on an annually rotating basis and is thus on the go in all of Bavaria’s districts. Historically grounded, state-of-the-art and designed for multimedia and interaction, state exhibitions arouse visitors’ interest in Bavarian history.

You will find a chronological list of past state exhibitions in the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte’ exhibition archive. The map presents an overview of all of Bavaria.

2019-20 Bavarian State Exhibition

The Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte will be hosting the Bavarian State Exhibition “One Hundred Treasures from One Thousand Years” from September 27, 2019 to March 8, 2020. The venue will be the temporary exhibition space in the new Museum of Bavarian History in Regensburg.

One hundred fascinating and exceptional objects from Bavarian, German and European museums on display in the Bavarian State Exhibition will illuminate over one millennium of Bavarian history between the 6th century and 1800. Visitors will travel back to bygone eras and witness historical developments in Bavaria’s regions with the help of select objects that all tell stories of their own and furnish exciting insights into bygone eras. They will range from shiny gold treasures to everyday items that reveal a lot about realities of life in earlier times. This 100-object show will be supplemented by biographical sketches of individuals from the respective periods.