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Museum exhibits

In our search for exhibits for the new museum, we’re relying on your support. We’ve searched for memorabilia that have a personal story to tell but also clearly convey a historical context. Since 2012, especially as a result of calls for collection, over 1,500 objects of all kinds have been gathered together for the museum and the collection.


The treasures from our image archive are of great importance for the Museum of the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte. Hundreds of thousands of historical photographs, postcards, advertising stickers and posters are all waiting to be discovered.

View inside the depot

The memorabilia and museum exhibits made available to us find their way into our depot in all kinds of different ways. Once they arrive, the donations and loans are recorded and stored, and to coincide with the opening in June 2019, a selection is being presented in the new Museum of the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte. Take an exclusive look inside the “museum workshop".