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Bernhard Krauß

A Bavarian Sails to Rotterdam

BR Fernsehen | Abendschau - Der Süden, March 22, 2017 Author: Beatrix Ziegler, Editor: Matthias Keller-May

Sailing from Volkach to Rotterdam

This voyage was something very special to Bernhard Krauss (1801 - 1878): In 1842, the Main River skipper was the first to sail from Volkach to Rotterdam with his ship, built according to his own designs. The voyage, which the captain recorded in his diary, began on March 9. This adventure was an important expedition: Bavaria was intended to be connected with Holland and thus ultimately with the North Sea by way of the Main and Rhine. Infrastructure development was part of King Ludwig I of Bavaria’s policies.

Wind and weather caused the Franconian trouble: a snowstorm right before Cologne, dense fog, a terrible storm at Easter, and repeated calms. His ship, named “Ludwig I, King of Bavaria” after Bavaria’s monarch, even had to be towed shortly before its destination but was then able to hoist the Bavarian flag in the Port of Rotterdam. The outcome of the voyage from Lower Franconia to Holland: twelve days sailed, eleven days becalmed. Captain and crew remained in Rotterdam a few weeks because they had to wait on cargo for their return voyage. Time to explore the surrounding cities and the North Sea.

His family has kept the model ship, built by Captain Bernhard Krauss himself according to the original designs. The Main River skipper’s descendant Dr. Markus Pöhlmann is delighted that this lovely object will be playing an important role at the Museum of Bavarian History in Regensburg. The ship will be restored beforehand and, while it may not be made seaworthy, it will be made exhibition-worthy.