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Museum Complex on the Danube

A modern museum building in a World Heritage Site, new paths in Regensburg: 700 m² of glass seventeen meters high – a light-flooded foyer with a view of the Bavarian sky awaits visitors. On its Danube side, the museum is a gateway opening onto the old town and has plenty to offer on its ground floor alone: a typically Bavarian inn with a beer garden complete with chestnut trees, a shop with a wide range of items, and a 360-degree panorama. The museum complex includes the buildings of the Bavariathek and the Österreicher Stadel.


Along with the administration, the multi-media educational center is housed in the Bavariathek. School groups as well as any other groups interested in history can add to the museum’s content and complete their own media projects there.

Storage Facility: Österreicher Stadel

The museum’s storage facility is housed in the Österreicher Stadel, newly renovated by the city of Regensburg. Among other things, the now over 1,500 objects, which the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte was able to amass through different collection drives and donations from the public, will be stored there.


The buildings are located on the Donaumarkt, directly in the old town of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Regensburg. A location with history.


The architecture firm wörner traxler richter in Frankfurt, which won the architectural design competition against 254 entrants in 2013, was in charge of the architecture of the museum and the Bavariathek.

Laying of the Cornerstone and Topping Out

Two major milestones have been celebrated already: the laying of the cornerstone on May 22, 2015 and the topping out with a wreath on June 10, 2016.


Haben Sie Lust auf einen kleinen Rundgang durch unser Haus? Dann sehen Sie sich das Video der deutschen bauzeitung (db) an: Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte in Regensburg (