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Generation 1875-1900

Bavaria Becomes a Legend

The Wilhelmine-era economic boom makes itself felt in the Kingdom of Bavaria, too, in the last quarter of the 19th century. The realm retains its agricultural character and its traditions in large areas. The juxtaposition of tradition and modernity is spotlighted in Chicago: Nuremberg firm Schuckert presents high-tech, the “largest flood light in the world”, to a marveling public at the 1893 world’s exposition. The Schlierseer theater company also causes a furor in Chicago with its Alpine folklore on the stage of the Lincoln Theater just a short time later.

Agriculture is open to technical innovations, too. The large-farmer class in particular relies on innovations and invests in new agricultural machinery. The rural mindset nevertheless remains heavily governed by traditions, provided this also pays off. Moderate industrialization is the catchword. Moderation has two senses: Government relies on progress but not at all costs. The Bavaria Mass of beer sweeps the world because tradition and modernity are combined in beer brewing. Illusion pays, and Bavarians are brilliant at advertising.