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Generation 1800/25

Bavaria Becomes a Kingdom


Napoleon promises the Bavarian state’s preservation and expansion, enhanced by a royal crown. The price for this is Princess Auguste Amalie’s hand. The king becomes the unifying figure of the new Bavaria and the kingdom becomes a constitutional monarchy. Kings forgo coronation and swear on the constitution instead. This is indicative of modern Bavaria. Civil servants rather than officers are the prominent figures in society.

Bavarian subjects have to shed their blood on foreign battlefields. Is the march with Napoleon on the road to victory worth the sacrifice? The tide turns in Russia where 30,000 Bavarians lose their life. Napoleon’s star is waning. What will become of Bavaria? The kingdom is facing national bankruptcy but has great potential, provided the new domains are integrated successfully. This is not easy. A centuries-old order with numerous independent local and regional power centers ends. Not only new but also old Bavarian subjects witness times of radical change caused by medialization and secularization.

Ziviltrauung mit Napoleons Stiefsohn